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Link-Dead, New 2D Multiplayer Action Game Coming to Linux

Link-Dead is a unique multiplayer-only 2D action game with a team-based realistic side-view combat. The first public alpha of the game has been released under pay-what-you-want model and development is on going on a really fast pace.

Few days back, the developers posted that that Linux build is fully working with graphics and sound now and those who donate can request the link.

About the Game

Link-Dead is a side-view multiplayer only combat game placed in a post-nuclear war setting. You can pick one of two teams. One is an advanced elite warrior faction calling themselves the Ubermen. They walk in full body armor and possess futuristic guns that can be modded with a range of gun attachments.

Ubermen's goal is to hunt Mutants which are a race of post-war people adapted for living underground. They don't have any advanced technology but use guerrilla tactics like building improvised bombs with laser tripwires and using predator-like camouflage to hide.

The alpha version contains one map called Chemical Factory and a game mode called Huntdown were the goal is to kill all mutants before the time limit hits. There are about 14 weapons and the same amount of gun and bomb attachments.The game also comes in with a built-in map editor.

Gameplay Video (Watch in HD)

You can download the game from here by donating any amount you want. You will receive a mail from the developers containing the link to the game installer.


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