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[Oneiric Updates] New Software Center UI Made Default, Hidden Window Controls, New Theme Selector, Unity Improvements and More

Many packages were updated for Ubuntu 11.10 yesterday because of UI freeze. These updates have  brought more overall polish to desktop and some totally new interface changes.

  • Window Controls are now hidden by default for maximized windows. They are visible only when cursor is hovered on the top panel, very similar to the global menu behavior in Ubuntu 11.04

  • New Software Center GTK3 UI has been default. USC also got a shiny new icon, filters for sorting applications etc.

  • Ubuntu Start Button got a new appearance making it distinct from other icons on the launcher. All the lenses has been updated to match the design recently shown off by Mark Shuttleworth. Also main dash menu can be now controlled through close, minimize and maximize buttons in top left corner.

  • Unity 2D was updated too to meet the design specifications.

  • Themes can be easily changed now from background settings. User menu got updated and now shows even if there is only one user. Indicator session got a new icon.

  • Lastly application switcher (ALT+TAB) now shows window previews when you press down key. Window Previews can also be flipped through ALT+GRAVE (ALT+`) key.


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