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Chasing Aurora, Upcoming Linux Game Previewed at PAX Prime 2011

Indie game studio Broken Rules recently previewed their upcoming Linux game Chasing Aurora in PAX Prime 2011. Broken Rules' earlier award winning physics based game 'And Yet it Moves' was part of Humble Indie Bundle 3.

The game is currently in development and not much is known about it. However, like their earlier game, this will also be cross platform.

Chasing Aurora is multi-player bird racing game with a fantastic origami based visual style. All the landscapes and the birds are represented as nothing but folded papers. Below is an excerpt from G4:

For starters, you play as birds, each with its own sense of style (i.e. an eye patch wearing crow). While the game will be primarily a single-player affair, its was the game’s multiplayer that was playable at the show. In this mode, four players face off in a CTF-style match in which each player fights for control over a beacon. You pick up the beacon by flying into it or running into a player who is holding it. 

To win, you have to be holding the beacon and be the only person on screen for three seconds, which sounds much easier than it actually is, especially when someone decides to catch the beacon on fire and start swirling it around and killing people with it.

Check out the PAX coverage below:

The game is expected to be released early in 2012.


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