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Awesome Gameplay Footage and Hands on Impressions : Ignite [Racing Game for Linux]

Its not a secret anymore that Nemesys Games will bring their racing game Ignite to Linux users. Windows version has already been released on Steam last week and soon the game will be released for other platforms.

If you are not aware about the game, here is what official website has to say about Ignite:

Ignite is an edge-of-your-seat racer, which pits you against your opponents in a unique way. Players must collect points while racing, by performing maneuvers, stunts and destruction to add to their overall score.  Once past 1000 points, players can burn away their score to get ahead or save it for a time bonus at the end of the race. Ignite sports 3 racing modes, 35 circuits to run, and a multitude of cars and configurations to speed through 7 different locations in single player or with up to 5 friends, via multiplayer. 

Check out the in-game footage and hands on impressions by TotalBiscuit (Watch in HD, The video lags for some time so you may want to skip directly to 6:15)


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