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Bliss, A New Alternative Application Lens for Unity

Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen, who maintains the Application Lens in Unity have developed an alternative lens that allows you to browse applications by category folders, very similar to the main menu in Classic Gnome.

The expanded view of category folder also include a 'back arrow' that takes you back to the main view.

In his own words:

Bliss is a very simple replacement for the apps lens. It does basic searching with substring matching and it allows you to browse your apps by category.

Considering the new focus on power users for the Precise cycle I thought/hoped that I could inspire someone to grab the code and write a production ready app launcher specifically tailored for power users. Bliss is by no means official or anything. It is a quick hack to showcase how you can go about this, mostly intended for developers who want to do their own thing.

Installation Instructions

Download the archive from here. CD to the directory where you extracted the archive and run the command below:

./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc && make && sudo make install

Just logout and relogin to finish the installation. You can also find installation instructions in Readme file included in archive. Also running the above command will install Bliss lens side by side to your default applications lens.

If you want to uninstall it, follow the instructions below:
  • Remove the folder unity-lens-bliss from /usr/share
  • Remove the folder bliss from /usr/share/unity/lenses
  • Logout and relogin.
Known Issues
  • The back arrow sometimes doesn’t appear as the first item
  • More Apps shortcut on the dash home screen breaks when you remove unity-lens-applications after installing Bliss lens.


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