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[Game Updates] Stellar Extractor, Best in Show Solitaire, Friking Shark, Phlipple, Cave Story, Mari0, Telepath RPG, FreeCiv

There has been quite many news updates about Linux games last week. Read them all below.

Stellar Extractor

Stellar Extractor is a retro style action platformer where you have to collect rare crystals and diamonds in the space. The game is developed in C++ and SDL. You can download the Linux version from here.

Best in Show Solitaire

Best in Show Solitaire is an addictive dog card Game with RPG elements for Windows , Mac, & Linux. Windows version has finished and the game is available for pre-orders. The final version will include builds for Linux and Mac as well. The game is DRM free and can be pre-ordered for $14.95.

  • 40 Different Breeds of Dogs
  • 2 Unique Abilities for Each Pup
  • RPG Elements and Statistics
  • Easy and Addictive Card Gameplay
  • 30 Achievements to Unlock
  • Over 300+ Hands/Levels to Complete

Friking Shark

Friking Shark is a remake of Classic Arcade and NES game Flying Shark. You can play the beta version of the game by compiling the source code. Pre-compiled Linux binaries to be made available soon.

Phlipple (Beta)

Phlipple is a unique puzzle game. The goal of every level is to reduce a 3D shape to a single square. Elimination of squares is done by flipping edges around just like in a cardboard box. The game is released on a double license. The desktop version (for Windows and Linux) is free and open source and consists of 50 levels. The paid/premium versions of the game include 100 levels and are available for Android and iOS platforms. Linux source code can be downloaded from here.

Cave Story

Cave Story for Linux is now available on Desura. Go, download it now!

Telepath RPG (Adobe Air)

Telepath RPG: Servants of God is a hybrid Japanese tactical RPG / free-roaming Western RPG featuring turn based tactical combat. The game has been updated couple of days back. You can download it for free from here.


Mari0 is a mashup of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. and Valve's Portal. We featured an article on Mari0 few days back.  Since then the game has made good progress. Final version is yet to be released. Check out the videos below showing new features of the game.


Freeciv has been ported to Android, thanks to zielmicha who has done all the work on the port. You can download the APK from here. The game is expected to be released on Android Market in about 3-5 weeks.

Tiny and Big

Oh and I almost forgot, Christian Niemand from Black Pants Game Studio emailed me giving updates about their upcoming release, Tiny and Big: Grandpa's Leftovers.

We recently published a new trailer of our game "Tiny and Big". We're slowly leaving the alpha state and planing a beta phase in december. We're still planing to bring the game on Linux early 2012.


If Quake was done today.


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