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Is This the Next Humble Indie Bundle?

Some leaked images of next Humble Indie Bundle have surfaced over web creating much speculation and excitement around next Humble Indie Bundle.

The next bundle could be Humble Introversion bundle featuring their popular games like Uplink and Darwinia.

What you see above is a client registry toolkit that allows you to edit Steam's .blob files. It is very similar to Windows registry editor and can be used to extract information from Steam blob files. So someone got his hands on these files and posted the picture on Reddit.

The picture above clearly indicates that the bundle is going to be an all Introversion bundle. The possible games could be Darwinia, Uplink, DEFCON and Multiwinia.

But, wait there is one more picture showing what you will get when you beat the average price.

What is interesting is that no one is doubting above pictures and everyone believes that this is going to happen. Apparently, the above tool is quite reliable and has been used in past to extract info about upcoming Steam games. Since Humble Indie Bundle have Steam codes for their games, this is more or less going to happen.

Not many people may know that same tool was to used to leak the news of The Binding of Issac and Blocks That Matter being added to Humble Voxatron Bundle.

Estimated Time of Arrival? Nothing can be said. It can happen anytime or maybe next year. However, I do have a feeling that one bundle can be launched during Christmas or New Year.

What are are thoughts about this. The game selection is indeed very good but what about these frequent bundles. Are they diluting the value of HIB's?
via Reddit


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