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Native Linux Games on Self Made Arcade Machine Running Ubuntu

It is always a delight to see native Linux games running on different types of machines/ hardware. Last week I stumbled on this article by Pat Regan showing native Linux games from latest Humble Indie Bundle running on a self made Arcade Cabinet. 

He has kept a log of how he built this fabulous machine in a series of blog posts and they are quite interesting read. The machine sports a 24 inch LCD Monitor, an Athlon X2 3800+ with 1 GB of RAM, a 320 GB SATA disk, an I-PAC 4 board and a 64MB NVIDIA 6200 LE PCIe video card. The system runs 32 bit Ubuntu 10.10.

He bought the recent Humble Voxatron Bundle and got Blocks That Matter and Voxatron up and running. Earlier he successfully played many other native Linux games including Gish and Cave Story.

Check out the video below showing the final cabinet and Voxatron running:


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