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Bisigi Themes to be Ported to GTK3, First Preview Looks Stunning

Bisigi Project has released 15 well designed and beautiful GTK2 themes. However, the project was concluded recently after the team announced that there will be no support for GTK3.

Grvrulz, one of the many fans of Bisigi themes refused to give up and decided to port these themes to GTK3 on his own.

This is good news for all fans of Bisigi themes. I know some people think they're outdated but I think they are really nice and 'easy on the eyes' themes with focus on simplicity and getting the work done. When the project's end was announced, I took up the task of recreating/porting the themes to gtk3. Since I'm free from all my projects and practical report files now, I can work on those. I see a bright future for these themes. I hope this turns out to be good.

Check out the preview screenshots:

These themes are still WIP and downloads will be provided as soon as they are finished.


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