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[Gamedev] New OpenDungeons Trailer, Appeal for Bringing Terraria to Linux and More

Every week I come across lots of Linux games development information. These updates are sometimes just small changes or smaller bits of news but are quite a interesting read. So once in a week or when there is enough info, I will try to cover these updates in a blog post which will be prefixed 'Gamedev'. 

In this article I will cover some development news from last 10 days.

The basic interface for Hostile Takeover has been completely done. Hostile Takeover is inspired by classic games like Fallout and Syndicate where you play role of an assassin. 

I redid the stats bars in the upper right display to better fit with the overall style. And I’ve redone the combat mode border to fit the new interface elements. Finally, I made the blood splatters that will appear on the equipped item boxes when your arms are damaged (1-5 blood splatters on each to indicate amount of damage), as well as the splatters on the walk and run buttons when those selections are unavailable due to leg damage. The blood splatters shown here don’t actually match the damage to the player in the screenshot — it’s just to show what they look like.

A new development trailer for OpenDungeons has been released and the game is looking really polished. OpenDungeons is an open source, real time strategy game sharing game elements with the Dungeon Keeper series and Evil Genius.

Flare is a free and open source Diablo like game engine. Though its a game engine, the devs have added lots of content to it so that you can actually play it like a game. Flare is currently under heavy development and has come a long way since I last wrote about it. In the latest update, the monsters in the game have been made tougher to increase the level of challenge in the game.

Many of the current monsters are too easy or boring, so I'm doing a small revamp here. Mainly this is needed because the content will be more spread out: rather than cramming levels 1-6 into the same old dungeon+cave, we now want different areas to contain a small window of creatures. When possible, we want creatures to be unique rather than just having more stats than the last creature.

Check out one of the older gameplay videos:

Forgotten Tale, a new Tower Defense game for Linux is currently under development. You can download latest Alpha build for Linux from here. Check out the video below.

An appeal have been raised over at Terrareddit to bring Terraria to Linux. The appeal is quite convincing as it neatly explains the problem and the possible solution of using MonoGame to port it to Linux. Some of you may you remember that few days back we reported Terraria working natively on Linux using MonoGame. 

One of the Terraria Devs have replied to this appeal.

We'll be talking about this soon :)

There has been quite an interesting discussion regarding this. Head over to Terrareddit to read more about this.

Lastly, try out a fun little game Dragon Memory which is a memory game where you have to match identical chips from a board. The game has lot of levels to play with some cool in-game music. Dragon Memory will be made available in Ubuntu Software Center in future.

P.S. Please let me know in comments section if you would be interested in such game development news once in a while.


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