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MegaGlest 3.6.0 Released with New Features and Improvements

3D real time strategy game MegaGlest has been updated to new version bringing in new features, fixes and performance improvements.

Changes in this Release
  • New and updated translations (Greek, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Czech etc)
  • Ability to toggle languages anywhere in the game using CTRL-L
  • Auto complete player names in chat mode using tab character
  • New headless server mode allows dedicated servers to host games for network players 
  • New client 'admin' mode when the first client connects to a headless server he controls the game settings
  • New lua functions added (to be documented on the MG wiki)
  • New attack boost system (currently used by Romans faction) which allows new types of in game unit effects.
  • Attack-boosts can be named and shared for proper re-use and singleton usage.
  • Improved mod menu which always checks for updates for all mods now and more
  • Modders can change intro, menus, faction AI behavior and many more things.
  • Lower CPU / RAM requirements in headless server mode
  • Improved rendering performance
  • New font system and enhanced International language support (Chinese, Japanese, etc)
  • New intro
  • Enhanced AI plays smarter and responds more quickly
  • New ability to enable in game team-switching for defecting to other teams in game
  • Improved Megapack including better balanced Romans faction
  • Added ability to 'pause' network games by press ESC in game to show a new popup-menu with in game options.
  • Hosts can now set a title for their game for network games.
  • Music fades in and out of game start/stop
  • New low food warning indicators tells players when they are running out of food
  • Players are no longer dropped in game lobby when toggling maps 
  • Full changelog here

Download MegaGlest 3.6.0 for Linux


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