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Outerra 3D Planetary Engine Renders Whole Planets from Space Down to the Surface, Will Wow You!

Outerra 3D Plenatary Engine is capable of seamlessly rendering full 3D world right from Planets in the space to surface down at the earth.

You will be able to go on a Himalayas Trip or can fly an Apache Helicopter over the terrain. The 3D graphics are very realistic and high quality. Watch the videos below before I go further into details.

Detailed features for those who are interested:
  • Realistic looking terrain with high detail
  • Unlimited visibility, detail ranging from thousands of kilometers down to centimeters
  • Real time atmospheric rendering
  • Rendering of vast dense forests
  • Seamless transition from space down to the planet surface
  • Adaptive LOD with continuous transitions. Elevation data are preprocessed using special wavelet compression, the required level of detail is extracted effectively on the fly
  • Partitioned compressed dataset can be downloaded progressively over the web
  • Fractal refinement mimicking the natural processes (erosion, rocks, overhangs)
  • Procedural texture generator combining mathematical models and climatic data
  • Bitmap overlays for specific areas
  • Vector data - roads, rivers, land class polygons
  • Dynamic shadows
  • Fully asynchronous multi-threaded design able to utilize all available CPU cores
  • Terrain and fractal algorithms runing completely on the GPU
  • Stable frame rate system
  • Supports arbitrary and varying resolution of elevation datasets, refined to centimeter resolution by fractal algorithms
  • Embedded web browser allowing for direct web service integration
  • Supports COLLADA 3D model file format
  • Integrates a Flight Dynamics Model library for high fidelity simulation of aircraft, rockets
  • Global physics engine for simulation of vehicle physics and collision detection
Now the cool part. It will be available for Linux in future. The engine uses OpenGL and OpenAL so it won't be a tough task porting it to Linux.

Currently the engine runs on Windows, but it uses only the portable libraries such as OpenGL. Support for Mac/Linux platforms will be coming in future, it shouldn't be problematic as long as there are working drivers for OpenGL 3.3.

The engine is currently under heavy development so no downloads available at the moment.

Update: Outerra devs are also working on a game based on this engine and many other game devs have also shown interest in using this engine. So once a stable version is available for Outerra, it is posiible that engine may be licensed for game development.


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