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Unity3D Demo Already Working in Linux, Thanks to Native Client

Native Client (NaCl) is amazing new technology by Google and it has shown its power last week with release of games like Bastion on Chrome Web Store. In fact the best is yet to come. What is interesting that NaCl has got lots of support from developers and we will see some cool new games and apps coming to Chrome, and so to Linux.

Unity3D has been one of the early adopters of native client technology. The latest Unity3D development tools now includes a simple checkbox using that developers can make their games compatible with Chrome and NaCl.

While Unity3D native Linux support is still not encouraging, this news is definitely exciting. In fact, we already have our first Unity3D demo 'AngryBots' working in Linux using NaCl (made with Unity3D 3.5). The demo runs quite nicely with no lag and fps issues. Check out the video below. Lag in video is recording issue and Youtube messed up my video again so audio and video streams are out of sync. 

Try the demo yourself by downloading it form Web Store. Complete instructions for enabling NaCl in Linux here. If you still have problems in getting NaCl working in Chrome, feel free to ask us in comment section.


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