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Open Source 3D Printer 'MakerBot Replicator' Brings Your 3D Computer Models to Real World, Supports Linux

MakerBot Replicator is a 3D printing Machine that can bring 3D computer models to your living room. Brought by MakerBot Industries, Replicator was demonstrated at CES and is simply a thing of awe.

Before I go ahead watch the video below:

You can Create your own 3D designs using Google Sketch Up, Blender and other software or download one of the thousands of models from, and turn your ideas into real, physical objects. The material used is natural ABS plastic which is also used for Lego products.

Open Source

Open Source FTW!! Thats what MakerBot Wiki says. RaplicatorG software is fully open source and works with Windows, Mac and Linux. They have even made their hardware designs, schemas, lasercut files, dxf files and electronic board designs public.


A single extruder MakerBot Replicator that prints 3D models in one color is available for $1749. If you want dual colors, you have to shell out extra $250.


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