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'Quantum Unleashed', New FPS Game with Amazing 3D Graphics [Made in Blender]

Quantum Unleashed is a new multi platform FPS game made using Blender Game Engine. The game is currently heavily under development by a small team of talented developers and artists.

Quantum Unleashed will be a survival horror themed shooter. The story begins when a group of scientists find a strange crystal called 'Quantum' having a mysterious energy that can be used to make extremely powerful weapons. 

The group successfully tracks the source of crystal on a distant planet and decides to go there in search for more such crystals. After silently stealing some of these crystals, the group makes a mistake while journeying back to earth that enrages aliens on the planet. 

These alien creatures then follow them all the way to the earth with only aim as their revenge being: 'destroy earth'.

The team started working on the game in 2010 and a beta is expected to arrive later this year. Check out the development videos below featuring some breath taking 3D graphics.


It looks like the game is no longer in production. The leader of the development team has left a message on Youtube just 6 days back:

Thanks for support and kind words! Anyway the game is closed now I am not workin on this anymore (I might get back to it someday). There are another games to come.

Yet another incident of a promising Linux game being discontinued. Though I still hope other developers in the team will keep it alive.



Hello! I am the leader of Quantum game.
Thanks for making my games known, as I said that villa map game is not in developement anymore, BUT, another game almost the same as that is in development ( much greater graphics, and better gameplay to come) so don't worry , Linux games are on the way.
Quantum it's in development too but have been changed a bit ( anyway, good graphics ) and another game Necrosis it's also in development featuring fast paced action game(quantum won't be an action game but a puzzle game).

Thanks for support.

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