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'Sintel The Game' Update

After a long time, the developers of Sintel The Game posted about the game progress in a recent blog post.

Sintel The Game is based on Blender Foundation's extremely popular movie 'Sintel'. The game will have action oriented gameplay while keeping same level of intensity and emotions that touched so many people. The story is as follows:

Sintel – The Game takes place within the events of the movie. Sintel finds herself just outside the town of Garway. She bumps into some bandits who attack her and she is taken into the care of a kind stranger. You play as Sintel and follow her on her journey through Garway. On the way you will discover that the guards of Garway are corrupt, and help to rise against them.

Excerpts from the blog post:

I worked on enemy AI a little bit, started re-designing the dialog system, and a bunch of other small things. Since I’ve gotten back, I started re-programming the player mechanics. I know this sounds silly seeing as we already have a working, controllable player, but there was room for improvement in the design and in the code. We also gave Sintel a nice new IK rig which needed to be implemented. As of right now, I’ve improved the movement system, making it easier to walk up and down hills, giving it a more realistic and less glitchy feel. It already feels a lot smoother than before. The code is optimized this time around too. Now i’m working on making the player camera better.

We still want to release a demo as soon as we can. We are slowly making our way towards a release. I think I speak for all of us when I say we don’t want to release a demo unless it is fun. The pre-demo was short and bland because we rushed it out without spending enough time on making it fun. The demo will include some different gameplay elements, a good taste of combat, and a boss battle that is actually challenging.

I can’t say when the demo will be ready, but the moment we pinpoint a date, I will let you guys know.

Check out tutorial gameplay video below (pre-alpha):

One of the older videos where devs are showing gameplay footage (pre-alpha):

If you want to try out the game, just download the pre-alpha demo from here. You will need Blender 2.5+ for the game to work. The game can be played by running sintel_the_game.blend file. To start the game press 'P' and to end the game press 'Esc'.


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