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Would You Like to See These Games Come to Linux?

Two indie games, Legend of Grimrock and Gunpoint could come to Linux (details below). These games have created quite a lot of excitement even before their release.

I have contacted developers of both these games in past asking them about possibility of Linux versions. At that time these games were still in early stages development so I haven't received any concrete responses. 

However, these developers are now looking at possibility of Linux versions. These are still not any confirmations. But the fact that they are considering it sounds great as both these games are looking really nice.

Legend of Grimrock (Almost Human Studio)

I badly want this game to come to Linux being a huge fan of first person dungeon crawlers. Watch the video to know more about the game:

The team behind Grimrock has lots of experience and has been involved in development of games like Max Payne 2, Alan Wake and Shattered Horizon.

zConnection interviewed Almost Human and they said they are going to consider a Linux port.

Olli tells me that we “won’t have to wait too long to start your journey in the dungeons of Mount Grimrock”, with the game slated for a launch early this year. They’re hoping to see the game on Steam someday, they’re thinking about mobile platforms besides iOS, and they’re going to consider a Linux port, but most importantly, they’re getting ready for the PC launch.


Gunpoint is a stealth puzzle game where you play a role of a freelance spy. Your aim is to infiltrate high security buildings. You can cross-link things like light switches and doors, use electronics gadgets or other techniques to reach your objective.

Gunpoint is Independent Games Festival, 2012 Finalist. Check out the video:

In an interview with Wired, Gunpoint developer Francis has shown interest in bringing the game to Linux.

If and when I can free myself up from that, I want to see if I can make a level editor, then a replay system, and some other nice freebies. I'm also really keen to bring it to Mac, Linux and eventually iPad -- the first I can do myself, the other two I may need help with.

So, what do you say? Want these games to come to Linux?


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