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KDE Plasma Active Tablet 'Spark' Preorders Starting Next Week, More Details

Aaron J. Seigo answered some questions in a recent blog post revealing more details on Mer/KDE Plasma Active Tablet Spark

I have summarized main points below. For full details, check the blog post.
  • Pre-order registration will open early next week.
  • Shipping starts in May 2012
  • It will be available for order online worldwide.
  • Spark can be customized for educational, industrial and other purposes you can think of for project-specific integration
  • 1.3 megapixel webcam on front, 800 x 480 screen resolution, 2 usb ports, a micro SD slot, a 3.5mm audio jack, standard 802.11 b/g Wifi and, of course, power. Full specifications in our last post.
  • No 3G on first run devices. Plans to add 3G and GPS later.
  • Add-on Store for downloading and installing books, applications, desktop widgets and services
  • Developers will be able to sell apps and content to Spark owners. Further details on developer registrations will be revealed on Spark release.
  • Add-on store client will be open source from day one. Back end will be open sourced later when required polish level has been reached.
  • Telepathy based video calling option can be available in Spark if the required software can be developed in time.
  • You can remove Spark OS and put something else on tablet (Android etc).
  • Spark OS images for Intel based tablets as well as nVidia Tegra 2 and other ARM tablets will be available
  • Android apps are not supported currently.

Spark will be based on the Zenithink C71. There are no GPL compliant sources for the C71. However, Spark developers are working hard on it.

Zenithink C71 Screenshot:


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