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Kelgar, New First Person 3D RPG for Linux [Pre-Alpha]

Kelgar is a new 3D RPG for Linux made using Platinum Arts Sandbox. The game currently is pre-alpha state but the basic foundation is already set and the game is quite playable.

Some current/planned features of the game:
  • Openworld and first person role playing game
  • Currently the world of Kelgar consist of 2 villages: Arus and Ridaz
  • Quests will have different ends, that means you influence the behavior of the NPC's
  • It features several new things, like cooking on fireplaces for example
  • Creating new maps is very easy
Check out the video I recorded:

To run the game, just execute Kelgar_Linux script. If your game is freezing at the beginning, just wait, it's still loading. I had mouse sensitivity issues with fullscreen, so had to run the game in windowed mode.

The game works pretty decently for a pre-alpha. Try changing graphics settings and effects from game menu if you have a good graphic card.

Currently a team of two developers is working on the game. They are looking for a 3D modeler and animator and C++ programmer. So if you can help contact them on IndieDB page.


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