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RebeccaBlackOS - First Live CD Running Wayland Display Server

This is not any kind of joke.

Its RebeccaBlackOS. First Live CD to run Wayland Display Server. Its Fan Made.

Nerdopolis, who is developing this project says:

This is inspired by Linux distributions of the same theme (Hannah Montana Linux, and Justin Beiber Linux) that have appeared in the Linux community, only this is Rebecca Black Linux. 

Oh yeah, it's also meant to be the first Wayland Live CD, and soon it will try to use Wayland instead of using X. 

This distribution is fan made. Yes. I am a fan of Rebecca Black.


Download RebeccaBlackOS. The Live CD has the Wayland display server on it, and various toolkits (QT, GTK, Clutter etc.) . It does start to xorg, and there it has an icon for launching Wayland nested in X. If you want to start it native, switch to tty1 by hitting ctrl-alt-f1, and typing sudo westoncaller. to go back to X switch to TTY 7 or 8, by hitting ctrl-alt-f7, or ctrl-alt-f8.

Warning from Nerdopolis

Do NOT use the install option on the Live CD, as I made a change to the init script that requires a kernel option to be passed, that is passed by the live cd's grub, but won't be passed once it was installed. It was my failed attempt to create an option to start to Wayland, or X. For some reason, Wayland does not start from init...

Check out the videos below:

There is huge thread on this in Ubuntu Forums. Most of the things go over my head. Read it if you are into this kind of stuff.

Screenshots retrieved from Ubuntu Forums:


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