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Popular To Do App for Linux 'Getting Things Gnome' is Alive and Doing Well

Getting Things Gnome is one of the most popular organizer/to-do application for Linux. However, there has been lack of updates in last couple of years and many users thought that the project is dead.

Proving them wrong, GTG developers released a new preview release version 2.9 which will eventually turn into stable 3.0 series. This release brings many new changes:
  • True asynchronous experience - No need to  anymore wait for tasks to load. Tasks are loaded asynchronously while you edit already loaded tasks.
  • Backends - Backends allow you to store your tasks on online and offline services. Currently, only stable backends are enabled: Tomboy, Gnote, Launchpad, Mantis BugTracker (import your assigned bugs), Twitter, Identica (import your tasks from your Twitter/Identica feeds)

  • Google Tasks backend and Remember the Milk backend are not stable enough for everyday usage. They will be stabilized and shipped with GTG 0.3.
  • You can make search through the quickadd bar. Searches are automatically bookmarked and are added to the sidebar. 
  • Rewritten notification area plugin with showing only 10 most doable tasks from Workview
  • Setting start/due date by a right click menu in the task browser
  • Previewing task content (gmail-like-ui)
  • Attaching file to a task by drag-and-dropping it on the task or writing file:// URI
  • Daily backup of gtg_tasks.xml
  • Several usability improvements and bug fixes
You can try the latest GTG by running the commands below. Remember, this is a preview release so there will be bugs. You can report them here.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gtg/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gtg


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