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Starfarer, An Open World Space Combat and Role Playing Game for Linux

Starfarer is an open world space exploration and role playing game for Linux. The player is a space captain who is out for an adventure to seek fortune and glory.

Current Features 
  • Pilot your ship in top-down 2d combat
  • Command your fleet in tactical battles
  • Detailed combat mechanics
  • Customize your ship’s loadout before battle
  • Explore a war-torn star system
  • Mod support for user-made factions, missions, ships, and weapons
Upcoming Features
  • Play your own character who gains experiences and upgrades skills
  • Hire officers to give skill bonuses, pilot auxiliary ships, and oversee your operations
  • Explore the sector for knowledge and profit
  • Trade goods, run mining operations, build industries — and defend your interests
  • Become involved in factional politics
Starfarer 0.5a Preview was released recently bringing in lots of new changes:
  • Campaign mode – fight your way up in the war-torn Corvus system
  • Start out with a single frigate, buy (or capture) more ships to grow your fleet
  • Customize your ship’s loadout before battle
  • Level up your crew
  • Ship weapons and engines can be disabled by damage, adding a new layer of tactics
  • Tons of balance changes, UI improvements, AI improvements, and several new ships and weapons

You can pre-order Starfarer for $10 from here. The game is currently in alpha stages of development. With a pre-order, you will receive all the subsequent updates and final version.


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