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Be a Woodturner and Carve Shapes to Perfection in Fun Linux Game 'Black Belt Sorvi Hero'

Black Belt Sorvi Hero is an fun Linux game where you play as a Woodturner.

Your job is to carve a given shape out of wood with a chisel. The better you match the shape and more accurate job you do, the better score you will get. With earned score you can buy new faster and stronger chisels. Watch out for going too fast, as you might overheat your chisel or break the wood.

The game was open sourced few months back. Though the concept is not something we see often in a game, it grows on us slowly as we buy new stuff from Tux shop.

Check out the video:

If you are on 64 bit Linux, just download pre-compiled binary from here.

If you are 32 bit Linux, follow the instructions below:

The following programs and libraries are required to compile the game:
GCC C++ compiler
SDL 1.2
SDL_ttf 2.0
GLEW >= 1.5

Just run the command below if you are on Ubuntu 11.10.

sudo apt-get install g++ libsdl1.2-dev libglew-dev libsdl-ttf2.0-dev libpng-dev libvorbis-dev libgl1-mesa-dev libglu1-mesa-dev

Now download the game source code from here. Extract the zip file.

From the folder, run the commands below to compile the game:

rm *.o

You will get a new BlockBeltSorviHero.bin file in the game folder. Execute it from terminal to run the game.


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