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CraftStudio, New Real Time Collaborative Game Making Tool for Linux

CraftStudio is an upcoming collaborative gaming making tool for Linux, featuring Minecraft style blocky graphics.

The tool aims to bridge gap between developers and gamers by simplifying content creation. Gamers with no particular experience on game development will be able to easily
  • create, paint and animate 3D models (characters, objects) out of blocks
  • craft infinite maps (think Minecraft’s creative mode), painting your own blocks to create whatever universe you want
  • give life to their worlds using a visual scripting system
Everything is done in real-time, you can collaborate with friends or strangers over the Internet. You can also set up your own server or join an existing project.

Check out the videos. CraftStudio is already looking impressive at Alpha stage:

Some More Features
  • Built-in revision system, you can go back in time and restore old versions of your assets. (already implemented)
  • Collaborative rich-text document editing à la Google Docs for laying out your game's story or gameplay mechanics (already implemented)
  • Project access policies & moderation features so you can choose whether your project is private or anyone can join and help. No text files editing, it's all part of the main client. (partly implemented)
  • It will run on Windows / MacOS X / Linux when finished (currently a Windows pre-alpha build available)
  • A store to find and publish models, maps, behaviors or entire games.
  • Create any type of game you want: RPG, RTS, Platformer, FPS etc.
CraftStudio is currently on Indiegogo looking for funds. With a target of $16K, they have already raised $7K.  

About 38 days are left in funding campaign. For $10 you will get a CraftStudio premium account and for $20 you will get a premium account plus a copy of their first game (dungeon crawler) made from CraftStudio. There are all sorts of other rewards too. Check out their Indiegogo page.


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