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'Faster Than Light' Space Simulation Linux Game About to Hit $100K Funding Target

Remember Faster Than Light Space Simulation and Roguelike Linux Game we covered few months back?

The game was recently put on Kickstarter to fund further development. So far the game has raised $94K  with 16 days to go while the actual target was only $10K. Those who has beta access has reviewed the game very positively and at the moment their are over 4K backers to the game.

IF you don't know about the game:

Faster Than Light game is split into two major parts: exploration and combat. You explore by making faster-than-light jumps over vast distances in space; arriving at locations containing text-based events that have a variety of choices and outcomes.  Your crew will improve with experience, while your ship can be upgraded with advanced weaponry and equipment purchased with collected scrap metal. Fighting enemy ships involves real-time management of crew, power distribution and weapons. 

Check out the video.

You can pre-order a DRM free copy of FTL for Windows, Mac and Linux by pledging $10. For $25 you will get beta access as well. There are all sorts of other rewards too. Check out their Kickstarter page.


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