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Say You Are a Linux Gamer and Bring 'Banner Saga', A New Game by Ex BioWare Devs to Linux

Three Ex BioWare employees have come together to form Stoic, a new indie game studio. Their first game, The Banner Saga is currently on Kickstarter and has already been funded 200%.

The Banner Saga is a role-playing, turn-based strategy game wrapped into an adventure mini-series about vikings. You travel through stunning landscapes straight out of an animated film. Battle painstakingly hand-animated foes in strategic, turn-based combat harkening back to the classic "Tactics" days of gaming. Make decisions with consequences in conversations with people you'll truly care about. And throughout the whole thing record the history of your people on your banner where it will be remembered, because soon there might not be anything left.

The Banner Saga is a mature game aimed at gamers who appreciate art, story and strategy.

Check out the videos:

The devs are interested exploring more platforms other than Windows and they are very much interested in Linux:

We are totally interested in getting the game in front of as many players as possible. From our point of view, it is silly to spend such an immense amount of effort on a game, and then limit your audience by being on very few platforms. Certainly, we will be strategic about the order in which we target platforms and languages, so we reach the most people. In terms of number of visitors to our website, google analytics shows that our Linux visitors are almost as numerous as our iPad visitors. We are currently looking at the feasibility of doing a Linux port and will provide an update soon!

Now they are getting direct feedback by setting up a survey and depending on the feedback, they will decide which platform to target.

Just fill up this survey and mark Linux as your first choice.


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