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First Stable Release of 'Arx Libertatis' Available for Linux [3D First Person RPG]

Few days back we wrote about Arx Libertatis, a free and open source project that ports popular first person 3D RPG Arx Fatalis to Linux.

Lots of great work has been done since then and a new stable version of Arx Libertatis has been released. Plus there is PPA for Ubuntu, portable binaries and packages for your favorite Linux distributions, so installation is simpler than ever and no need to compile.

Arx Libertatis Version 1.0 Features
  • Cross-platform support: Windows and Linux
  • Configurable windowing + renderer, input and audio backends
  • Save game list is sorted so that latest save is at the top
  • Configurable number of quicksave slots
  • Shortcut to toggle windowed and fullscreen mode (default is Alt+Enter)
  • Video config menu displays the aspect ratio along with resolutions
  • Separated window size and fullscreen resolution
  • Added an "automatic" fullscreen resolution setting that always chooses the highest available one
  • Support for system-wide installation and per-user configuration / savegames (follows the XDG Base Directory Specification under linux)
  • Ported to amd64 architecture
  • A single binary can automatically run the demo or full game data
  • Automatic language detection for the data files
  • Added a crash reporter tool
  • Added tools to extract .pak and savegame files
  • Many fixes and improvements
Installation Instructions for Ubuntu (Lucid to Precise)

First, install Arx Libertatis by running commands below:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:arx/release
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install arx-libertatis cabextract unzip

While Arx Libertatis is free, actual game data is not. You can buy full version of Arx Fatalis from GOG. If you want to try the demo under Linux, follow the instructions below.

Download Arx Fatalis Demo from here.

We need to tell Arx Libertatis where this game data is located. To do this, download the install-demo script and make it executable:

$ chmod +x install-demo

Run the script as:

./install-demo <path/to/> ~/.local/share/arx

Now just launch Arx Libertatis from menu to play the game.

Easy instructions and similar scripts for extracting game-data from full CD or GOG version can be found here. For any further help, check their wiki.


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