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Nekro, New Randomly Generated Action Game for Linux [More Kickstarter]

After a few success stories, more and more developers are coming up with Kickstarter campaigns to fund their game development.

Nekro, is another such project by darkForge studio, a group of developers hailing from Blizzard, Sony, Microsoft and more.

Nekro is an overhead, randomly generated action game about summoning evil forces. The game is inspired by Dungeon Keeper and Myth 2.

You are the bad guy, a powerful necromancer able to create unthinkable horrors out of the twisted lifeless corpses of your enemy. Blood is your fuel, razing towns and slaughtering anything that opposes you is your creed. Even though you are evil, the humans of the land are corrupted, and will stop at nothing to wipe you out.

Nekro will be supported on Linux, Mac and Windows platform from beginning. Check out the video, there is some gameplay footage too.

For more info, check out their Kickstarter page. You can ensure a DRM free copy for $15.


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