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Shadowrun Returns Raises $500k, Linux Version Planned

Update 2: Linux version is now confirmed, for real this time.

Update 1: In an update posted just few hours back, Shadowrun devs have announced that they won't support Linux. If you backed the project solely because of Linux support, cancel your pledge.

Kickstarter is doing lots of good to Linux gaming as more and more developers are adding Linux support.

We already had Double Fine Adventure and Wasteland 2 and now Shadowrun Returns, which has been fully funded in 28 hours ($400k) will most likely come to Linux as well.

Jordan Weisman has kickstarted Shadowrun Returns, a graphically rich 2D turn-based single player game with deep story interaction, meaningful character development, and highly-contextual tactical combat.

The game is sequel to popular cyberpunk RPG 'Shadowrun' created by Weisman and released way back in 1989. Shadowrun Returns has generated over $500k so far with 11K+ backers.

In a recent update, Shadowrun devs have announced that a Linux version is definitely planned.

To everyone asking about a Mac version of the game, we've been saying that if we hit the $425,000 level, we'd add it. Linux support is definitely on the table too! (After all, who'd be a better Decker?)

Decker will be a playable class in final game and they will have power to see digital control circuitry allowing them to manipulate and hack the physical world.

Shadowrun Returns is expected to be released in Jan 2013. There are still 23 days left in Kickstarter campaign so if you want to show support, this is the best time.


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