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A Look At 'ShiVa3D' Cross Platform Game Engine

ShiVa3D is a proprietary 3D game engine which handles advanced shading systems, physics engine, HUD rendering and the sound library.

You can create particle effects, trails, animation; design HUDs, materials, terrains, ocean, script AIs in Lua and assign sounds.

ShiVa3D includes a WYSIWYG software for designing games and applications (currently Windows and Mac only). Using an authoring tool, projects generated by ShiVa Editor can be compiled into executable applications for many platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry QNX WebOS, Airplay SDK and Wii.

Games made with ShiVa3D can be played in Firefox using a plugin or as standalone applications.  You can download a tech demo for Linux from here. I have tested it with 32bit so not sure how well it goes with 64bit.

If you want to try out, ShiVa3D Web Edition is completely free allowing you to make games that can be played in browser using  a plugin. However, making commercial games for other platforms require you to purchase a license. Full details here.

Please note that current version of ShiVa3D Editor (version 1.9) itself doesn't have a native Linux version. The ShiVa3D Authoring Tool can be used to compile games for Linux.

However, next version 2.0 release will have a native game editor for Linux as well. As of now, ShiVa3D 2.0 beta is available to license holders.

Nekro, a 3D Action game for Linux has reached its Kickstarter funding goal recently and it will be probably the first major game made using ShiVa 3D engine.

What do you think about ShiVa3D? We had official word on Unity3D engine and its chances on Linux are quite bleak. While, on the other hand ShiVa3D developers are continuously improving Linux support.
Thanks to madjr and Mateusz Stachowski


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