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Tiny & Big in: Grandpa’s Leftovers Now Available for Pre-order

Black Pants Studio's action platformer game Tiny & Big in : Grandpa’s Leftovers can be now pre-ordered for $12.99 (Windows, Mac, Linux).

Tiny & Big is a comic styled jump and slice platformer that gives you the unique ability to shape a whole world at your will. You are Tiny, a nerdy inventor who tries to reclaim his most beloved possession: Grandpa's white, fine rib underpants. On his journey through a forsaken desert he will meet mysterious creatures, no clowns, a taxi robot and his arch enemy: Big.

Tiny is equipped with three basic tools to modify his surroundings, as a means to get to otherwise unreachable spots in the game, or slice and dice a level just for fun. He can use his mighty laser to cut and form any object at will. To move objects, Tiny can choose between a grappling hook to pull, and a rocket to push pieces into position. Of course, as the game proceeds, combining your tools gives the player a unique and sandbox style of possibilities to solve puzzles.

  • Unique hand-drawn Look.
  • Creative jump 'n' slice gameplay – use grappling rope, rocket science and laser surgery to slice the whole world, overcoming all obstacles in your very own way. Unlimited slicing freedom and unique sandbox gameplay.
  • Experience believable physics in a completely destructible, immersive environment.
  • Character-driven story-line - follow Tiny into a weird and humorous story drenched in peculiarity: get back grandpa's underpants, by all means necessary.
  • Collect more than 15 songs from hardly known but genuine indie bands.
Their earlier episode in the game series, Tiny & Big in: Up that Mountain has been quite popular because of its unique physics based gameplay. You can try a free demo available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Grandpa's Leftover will be released on June 19th.


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