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Ubisoft's Popular 3D Game 'From Dust' Now Playable on Linux, Thanks to Native Client

Ubisoft's award winning 3D game From Dust is now playable on Linux via Google Chrome and Native Client (NaCl).

From Dust has been released earlier on Xbox 360 and PS3 and it has pretty impressive visuals. In the game you assume a god-like first-person perspective. You have to control nature and master the elements for the survival of your people. Ubisoft describes it as a 'spiritual successor' to genre defining game Populous.

The game is very CPU/GPU intensive, so you will need a modern system with a decent graphic card to play it. On my system, the game worked beautifully at medium settings except for the intro part which lagged a bit. Also, the game has support for full screen and mouselock APIs giving you a near native gaming experience on Linux.

Follow the instructions below to install the game:
  • Make sure you have latest Google Chrome Beta (or Dev). The game will not work on stable version as it requires some new features available in Chrome beta only. As far as Chromium is concerned, I haven't been able to run any NaCl game on it so far, but you can try anyway.
  • Make sure that Native Client is enabled in chrome://flags
  • Type chrome://gpu in address bar. If you see WebGL or Compositing options in red color under Graphics Feature Status, follow the step below.
  • Type chrome://flags in address bar and enable Override software rendering list (browser restart required)
  • Download From Dust from Chrome Web Store
  • Launch the game and wait for it to download required content. Double click to go full screen.


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