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Wasteland 2 will Use Unity 3D Engine, Linux Support Coming?

By this time everybody should know that Wasteland 2 is coming to Linux. Brian Fargo managed to raise about $3 Million for the game from Kickstarter crowd funding.

Now yesterday, he tweeted that Wasteland 2 will use Unity 3D engine

Unity 3D is a very powerful game engine that can handle advance 3D graphics and game physics and it is very popular among indie and big game houses.

While Unity 3D engine can run on a number of platforms: Windows and Mac (browser as well as standalone executables), Android, iOS, Wii, PS3 and XBox 360, there is no support for Linux. 

Now, Wasteland using Unity 3D can finally bring Linux support. Brian Fargo has also tweeted that the game will have an executable and it won't be a browser game. So its quite possible that he have been talking to Unity 3D devs for Linux implementation.

For reference, below is a gameplay video of a Unity 3D game Shadowgun:


Brain Fargo's latest tweets:

We will be supporting Linux.

We have been supplied the source code to Unity for the express purpose of making the Linux version.

This is really awesome as I never really thought Unity 3D devs would supply source code of their engine to support Linux. Of course they have only done this after taking into consideration cost benefit ratio but still it is pretty cool.

From their FAQs:

How can I license or use Unity's source code?

We license Unity source code on a per-case and per-title basis via special arrangements made by our business development team. As this can be quite expensive, we do not generally license source code to smaller operations, educational institutions, nor to companies in countries which do not have adequate legal intellectual property protection.

And now more tweets:


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