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Crystal Catacombs, New Action RPG for Linux [Inspired by Castlevania]

Crystal Catacombs is a new action RPG inspired by classic game Castlevania. The game features charming pixel art, randomly generated dungeons and  a RPG like level up system.

Main Features:
  • Procedurally generated dungeons with randomly chosen room layouts, enemies, special items, treasures and even bosses. No two experiences will ever be the same.
  • Seven different Crystal Realms (levels) to explore. Each with their own unique enemies, traps, hazards, treasures and bosses.
  • Over 20 different bosses and dozens of varying enemies.
  • Over 20 Magical Artifacts that can be equipped and used to grant new abilities, such as a the Double Jump Boot, Dragon Armor, Crystal Skull and Grapple Spikes.
  • Several different weapon classes including swords, whips, axes and bows. Each class also has different variations of each weapon type.
  • Powerful magic spells ranging from fireballs to summoning powerful creatures to help aid you in battle.
  • Gain experience points to level up.
Crystal Catacombs is currently on Kickstarter and it has reached its goal of $7,500. The game will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux. 

21 days are still left in the funding campaign and for $10 you can ensure a copy of the game. Expected date of release is June 2013.


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