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How to Fix Rendering Issues in Google Chrome 20

The latest stable release of Google Chrome has brought in a number of regressions making it almost unusable for for some Linux users.

These regressions are:
  • Visual artifacts and incorrect rendering
  • Lack of highlight when selecting text
  • Youtube or any other flash video breaks the page
  • Cannot go fullscreen on any flash video
  • Increased flash video playback speed
Chrome developers have identified these regressions as GPU compositing issues and they are working on it. A fix should be released soon but in the meantime, you can disable the PepperFlash plugin to fix them.


Install latest flash player 11.2 version from your distro repositories or download from Adobe website.

Type chrome://plugins in your address bar. 

Disable PepperFlash 11.3 plugin as shown in the screenshot below.

Restart your browser.

I had first three regressions only and disabling PepperFlash fixed all of them.

A bug report regarding these issues has been filed on Chromium bug tracker. If you are facing similar problems, make sure you star it to get it fixed faster.


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