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Install Extra Plugins and Color Schemes in Geany 1.22

Geany is a fast and lightweight text editor and IDE for Linux. Geany 1.22 was released recently with many new features.

Geany comes with a few plugins installed by default, however there are many other useful plugins maintained by community. The last release of Geany plugins was version 0.21 and they are yet to be updated for Geany 1.22.

However, in Geany Developers PPA, Geany plugins 0.21 have been built against Geany 1.22 and thus they are now compatible. So until official package for Geany plugins 1.22 is released you can use them.

If you already added Geany PPA, run the command below to install these plugins.

sudo apt-get install geany-plugins

To install both Geany 1.22 and compatible plugins, run the commands below:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:geany-dev/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install geany geany-plugins

A set of community maintained color schemes has been updated for Geany 1.22. To install them, download the source zip archive from here and extract it.

Copy all the files in colorschemes folder to ~/.config/geany/colorschemes/. Create the folder if it doesn't exist.

You can check out the screenshots of these color schemes form here.


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