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OpenMW 0.16.0 Released

OpenMW is a free, open source and cross platform port of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind game engine. It aims to be a fully playable and improved implementation of the game's engine and functionality.

The project is currently under development and new updates are released regularly. OpenMW 0.16 was released copule of dyas back with following changes:
  • Added Spell Window
  • Added Alchemy Window
  • Added support for x.y script syntax
  • Weapon and spell icons now update to reflect the selected weapon and spell
  • Added in-game settings window
  • Launcher now saves user-set renderer settings
  • Fixed a crash on OSX due to underwater effets
  • Fixed auto-equipping not working in some cells
  • Fix for container GUI ignoring disabled inventory menuBug #294: Container GUI ignores disabled inventory menu
  • Fix for stats review dialog showing all skills and attribute values as 0
  • Fixes for several crashes
  • Implemented game modes as a stack to prevent erratic behavior
  • Added tooltips to class creation dialog
  • Added support for show/hiding windows by clicking HUD elements
  • Added support for corect player direction after using a Teleport Door
  • Added support for selecting objects in the console by clicking them in the scene
  • Added support the use of = as a synonym for ==
  • Sped up script object access
  • Restructured enabling/disabling of objects by script instruction
  • Integrated ogre.cfg file in settings file
  • Auto-close windows if a related MW-reference is no longer available
  • Fix for bonuses in the character creation process

OpenMW can be easily installed on Ubuntu from PPA. Run the commands below:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:openmw/openmw
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install openmw

Downloads for other Linux distributions can be found here. Do note that you will need the original game data and it needs to be extracted using Wine. Proper instructions can be found in this video by Linux Game Cast.


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