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The Platform Shooter 0.5 Released

The Platform Shooter is a third person shooter for Linux. It features a single player game where you must collect power cells and make your way to exit as well as multiplayer mode where can you fight against your friends over Internet or LAN. The game also has a built-in level editor.

The Platform Shooter 0.5 has been released with many new features and fixes:
  • Added two more single player levels.
  • Added new enemy type called "dragon".
  • Added slowly regenerating health (up to 25%) for the player character.
  • Reworked whole AI code to make it more configurable and simpler.
  • Enemies (guards and dragons) no longer block visibility.
  • Enemy AI can now see targets behind other enemies, but does not shoot without clear line of sight.
  • Made guard AI react to nearby damage sounds (e.g. player falling and hurting himself).
  • Made guard AI try to maintain optimal shooting distance to target instead of just standing still.
  • Replaced foot step sounds.
  • Fixed bug human AI aiming that prevented it from hitting any other type of targets than human.
  • Implemented proper handling of reserved characters in e.g. player names and level information.
  • Guards now stop for a while to look for targets when route is blocked before turning around.
  • Fixed grenades sometimes passing through walls.
  • Added new enemy guard variation with shotgun
  • Hid human fragment entity from editor.
  • Fixed editor level selection not always defaulting to "create new".

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