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Gabe Newell: Users will Rage Quit Computing After Using Windows 8

Gabe Newell has once again trashed Windows 8 saying users will probably 'rage quit' computing after using Windows 8.

He further says that he may be wrong and Microsoft may make money out of it but most of the users will hate it. Check out video by GT.TV:

On a related note, RPS published an article speculating on chances of a Linux based SteamOS. They cited following reasons for it: 
  • Gabe Newell's dislike for Windows 8
  • Steam's recent announcement to sell non-gaming software
  • Valve's love for Linux and Steam Linux client announcement
  • They could easily base it on popular distribution like Ubuntu
RPS also wrote about possible difficulties in making SteamOS:
  • Valve getting some flak for making something closed-source integral to an operating system
  • Graphic Drivers
Now let me speculate on Linux based Steam console.

Valve revealed its plan for Big Picture Mode last year in a press release. Big Picture mode, will allow gamers to hook up their computer to television.

In a GTTV episode few hours back, he announced that Big Picture Mode will be in beta soon. Geoff Keighley, host of GTTV saw a demo of it and he says that its quite impressive. Valve has also filed a patent for a controller with interchangeable parts that will include keyboard and mouse as well.

So, now they have a technology that will enable gamers to enjoy library of Steam games on big television screens and they are working on a controller specially designed for television interaction. For a console, these two are basic requirements. They already have the games, all they need is a box.


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