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Popular Roguelike Game 'ADOM' Revived After 10 Years

Ancient Domains of Mystery (ADOM) is one of the most successful roguelike games ever created, with downloads in the millions and many more every day.

ADOM was the first roguelike to add a true role-playing experience to the roguelike genre and it has inspired countless numbers of new role playing/roguelike games you may have seen in last 2 decades. 

ADOM was in development from 1994 until November 2002, when the last build was released. Now, creator Thomas Biskup is resurrecting it, with a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.

This new incarnation of ADOM has already surpassed its funding and three stretch goals. You can expect following new features in the game, including a full graphical version:
  • New stable releases for all supported platforms (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Amiga, NetBSD, FreeBSD; Android and iPad/iOS are going to be stretch goals).
  • Bug fixes for every bug we can find
  • Game balance patches
  • At least 12 new corruptions will be added to the corruption system.
  • 45 new items will be added.
  • 46 new artifacts will be added.
  • 4 new monsters will be added.
  • An extra special new boss monster with a special new map, 2 new artifacts, 4 new minion monsters for said boss and 16 new items that only will be recoverable on said special level are going to be added to the game.
  • More elaborate interaction for many things that are currently only handled superficially.
  • UI improvements to bring ADOM up-to-date with the progress the roguelike genre has made, to be decided upon based on recommendations of players in the forums (e.g. colored message, some kind of auto-exploration and others)
  • A series of magical statues distributed across the dungeons.
  • A roster of new named random boss monsters with special powers.
  • Exciting new graphics for the title screen and some quest-related events.
  • Audio for sound effects and music for the game areas and important events.
  • A freshly revised manual.
Early sample of the game tileset:

Head over to Indiegogo for more info, 5 days are still left to pledge. ADOM will remain a free game for everyone, but your donations will help give it a new life.
Thanks to Licaon


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