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Maia, A Dungeon Keeper Inspired 3D Game Coming to Linux

Maia is a procedural, Dungeon Keeper inspired 3D space management game being developed by indie game developer Simon Roth.

The game is about building an underground colony to protect space dwellers from the dangers of the surface, with mining and construction.

The game looks quite impressive in early screenshots:

Simon Says:

The game is currently in alpha. I have written a sophisticated graphics engine that can deliver hundreds of thousands of lights and a layered compositing pipeline to create the visuals that I think the game deserves.

I have hired the best concept artists I could find and have had them visualise my thought processes and create some amazing artwork. Its really stunning to see what they have come up with, I can't wait to show you.

Couple of of videos showing early game environment:

In the video below, player is manually controlling a robot in first person view:


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