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Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2 Released with New Features

Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2 has been released with new features and fixes. The main highlights of this release include Linux Kernel 3.5.4, updated Unity 6.6 and the controversial shopping lens.

New Features/Changes in Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2:
  • There is no longer a traditional CD-sized image, DVD or alternate image, but rather a single 800MB Ubuntu image that can be used from USB or DVD.
  • New default lenses: Shopping, Social and Photos.
  • Addition of 'More Suggestions' category which delivers commercial content to the Dash via the 'Unity Shopping Lens'. This category displays Amazon results with price badges and only those results are shown which relate to the search query you have used in Home lens.
  • Numerous fixes and refinements to the dash.
  • Amazon & Ubuntu One Music Store webapps pinned to launcher by default.
  • All launcher icons (except the BFB and Trash) are now movable.
  • Added the ability to unlock removable storage icons.
  • When in spread mode (Super+W), it's now possible to close windows by clicking the close button revealed when hovering over them.
  • Gwibber lens now features preview support in the dash.
  • Webapps can now trigger package downloads where required by compliant websites visited by the user.
  • Additional icons have been added to the filesystem lens to enable dragging and dropping filesystems (such as USB sticks) into the launcher.
  • Previews in the video lens now show details for remote Amazon videos.
  • LibreOffice was updated to 3.6.1 with built-in menubar & HUD support without needing a separate plugin.
  • GNOME has been updated to 3.5.92 for most components (some to 3.6.0).
  • New window minimize animation.
  • New Unity Preview animations.
  • Improved messaging menu displays status badges on panel.
  • Remote login support in LightDM.
  • Updated default applications include Firefox and Thunderbird 15.0.1.
Download Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2

Ubuntu 12.10 will include an option to disable all online features in dash, including the shopping lens. This feature is not available in Beta 2 but it will land soon in Ubuntu 12.10. By Ubuntu 13.04, you will be able to disable online features for each lens individually.

Here is how it will look (thanks to David Callé):


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