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3D Mech Combat Game 'Dark Horizons: MAV' Now in Closed Beta Testing

Dark Horizons: Mechanized Assault Vehicle (MAV) is a 3rd person persistent online mech game set in the Dark Horizons Universe.

The game is Successor to the 2004 game Dark Horizons: Lore and the 2009 game Lore: Aftermath.

Dark Horizons: MAV is currently under development. Interested users can test development builds by signing up for closed beta testing. Unfortunately, only Windows builds are available in beta testing as of now. However, final version of the game will be available for Mac and Linux platforms as well.

DH: MAV is based on Torque 3D engine which was open sourced recently under MIT license. Check out a gameplay video:

Game Features
  • Faction Wars mode that allows players to work together in full on Player vs Players combat
  • Gameplay modes: Arena, Annihilation, Siege, Mini-Nuke, Search & Destroy
  • Up to 32 players per Faction wars mission (when hosted by a dedicated server), maximum 8-16 recommended for player hosted games.
  • Complete MAV customization via the MAV Lab
  • Equip special items such as Mines, Turrets and Counter Measures that you can deploy in the game world.
  • Multitude of mission types including: Attrition, Mini-Nuke, Raids, Siege
  • Variety of game inputs to control the game with either the standard keyboard & mouse, or utilize a Joystick or a Xbox 360 game pad to play.
  • Create custom Mods for the game
DH: MAV is being developed by Max Gaming Technologies and it will be released in December 2012 for a small price.


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