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Open Source Role Playing Game Updates

Popular open source roguelike/rpg game Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup (DCSS) has received a massive update bringing in many new features and updates.

Main highlights in this release (v0.11):
  • A new branch: the Spider Nest.
  • The Swamp branch is less annoying now.
  • Missile enchantments are no more.
  • Monster constriction vs the player has been overhauled.
  • New monsters: Arachne, Fannar, orb spider, bog body, Hell Sentinel.
  • Removed monsters: Jozef, bog mummy, midge, Pit Fiend, hairy devil.
  • Lots of new vaults and tiles.
  • Config file overhaul
  • Many more new features and improvements. Full changelog can be found here.
If you are looking for a challenging role playing experience, give DCSS a shot and you won't be disappointed. Do note that this is a roguelike game and it features random dungeons and perma-death meaning once your character dies, you have to start over again.

Another open source roguelike game you may want to try out is ToME, which comes with a beautiful tileset, awesome music and sound effects. The single player campaign only will take hours to complete.

In related news, Free Gamer has posted about an upcoming open source jRPG Valyria Tear. The game is making good progress, check out a gameplay video:

If you want to try out the game, get the source code from here and follow the simple instructions mentioned in the README file.


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