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Eschalon: Book III RPG Announced for Linux

Basilisk Games has announced Eschalon: Book III RPG For Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

Eschalon: Book III is final game in the award winning Eschalon game series. The previous two games, Book I and Book II are quite popular among Linux users.

The game will have following new features:
  • An epic conclusion and all your questions will be answered. Book III can be fully enjoyed even if you have never played the previous games.
  • Dozens of fan-requested features and updates to the engine and rule set.
  • Hundreds of graphic updates including re-rendered tiles, new spell effects, and enhanced environment effects. New sound effects and music in crystal-clear HD audio via an updated sound engine.
  • Expanded stats for creatures give them new abilities, defenses and vulnerabilities. Combat will require new levels of strategy.
  • New spells and hundreds of new items for you to discover. A huge world filled with secrets, riddles, traps, treasure and glory.
  • Unlimited character development options and freedom to explore the world as you wish. 
  • Developer tools to be released shortly after the availability of the game. Build your own maps and make your own adventures.
  • Single player only.
The game is currently scheduled for a Summer 2013 release, a more specific release date will be announced early next year. Check out some screens:


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