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Urban Galaxy Online, A 3D Space MMO for Linux

Urban Galaxy Online is a free-to-play 3D MMO that takes place inside a futuristic city called Anassin.

You can choose to be a Mercenary, a Transporter or a Smuggler and dive into the deep story of the game by making powerful allies or sworn enemies. During your journey, you will develop your career, learn new skills, improve your ranking and experience the company wars of the planet.

The game is made using open source Java based jMonkey game engine and it will be playable in web browsers. Check out a video:

The game looks pretty good in my opinion but some people may not like that there is no standalone client, though jMonkey engine supports it.

Here is what developers have to say about this:

No, there are no plans for a downloadable version of the game. All game content is streamed directly to the web browser of the user, with no installation requirements, and cached content for faster loading times on your next visit to the Urban Galaxy world. Instant play wherever you are.

A web browser with Java installed would be sufficient enough for anyone to play the game. It is currently verified to be working on Windows, MacOSX and Linux on all major web browsers.

Currently, the game is about 70% complete, you can try an alpha build from here. The public beta of the game is scheduled at the end of 2012 or beginning of 2013.

Urban Galaxy Online is also on Indiegogo looking to raise $10,000. You can pledge to get game currency packs as perks in different tiers.


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