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'Unredirect Fullscreen Windows' Now Enabled by Default in Ubuntu 12.10

'Unredirect Fullscreen Windows' option is finally enabled by default in Ubuntu 12.10. Compiz developer Daniel Van Vugt and his team has done lots of work in past few months to make sure that all the bugs related to this feature are fixed.

Unredirect Fullscreen Windows feature ensures that drawing occurs directly on the screen rather than first drawing off-screen and then copying the drawn content back onto the screen.

This feature alone can boost FPS in fullscreen Linux games to a great extent while using Unity desktop environment (I have observed around 20% improvement).

Steam for Linux has also mentioned this to be one of the major issues with Unity. With this bug fixed, you will now have better gaming experience while using Unity.

Steam officially recommends using Ubuntu 12.04, so those who are using LTS release need not worry as this update will land in Ubuntu 12.04 in next few days. If you want to test it now, you can enable proposed updates in Software Sources, but this is not recommended for a production machine.

Now Unredirect Fullscreen Windows enabled by default can cause tearing in video playback. So Ubuntu developers have added Totem, VLC, MPlayer, Adobe Flash Player and Firefox to exception list, which should be enough for most video playback needs in Ubuntu.

Any other video player can be added to this exceptions list from a new CCSM option. This is an advanced feature so only tinker with it if you really want to add a different video player or any other application.


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