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Dungeon Fray Update, Now Available on Desura

Dungeon Fray is a fast paced roguelike puzzle game featuring three playable classes, randomly generated levels, turn based combat and unlockable achievements and perks.

The game is inspired by popular roguelike games DCSS and Desktop Dungeons.

The game has received lots of new features and fixes since my last post.

  • Fixed after jumping, hero can attack monster with spell
  • Fixed hero can use a spell after converting spell
  • Added fullscreen mode, F11 key (Windowed mode is still recommended way of playing)
  • All monsters, even of same type and level now have different stats
  • Implemented alert monsters that will chase you once attacked
  • Savegame and settings files location has been changed
  • Fixed opening chests can sometimes leave stains
  • Fixed game crashes sometimes when monster is chasing
  • Increased number of coins received on level up
  • Added estimated damage to tooltip
  • Clearing a level now gives a coin bonus
  • Full health is restored when starting a new level
  • Added scoreboard
  • Disabled start-up help screen
  • Help screen is now slightly less wordy
  • Fixed cursor not changing when triggering achievements menu 
  • Added more tips to info icon
  • Monsters on first few levels are now less challenging
  • Removed spell on goblin kid
  • Changed mage random spell to zap, permanently reduces enemy def by 1
Try Dungeon fray demo from here. Full version can be purchased from Desura or from Dungeon Fray Store for $ 6.99.

The game will be available soon on Ubuntu Software Center.


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