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88 Heroes - New Linux Game with 88 Playable Characters

88 Heroes is a new action/platformer game for Linux featuring as many as 88 playable heroes.

The game has been developed by Bitmap Bureau and published by Rising Stars Game. It was released on Steam last week.

Game Features
  • 88 different heroes! Discover their unique powers and use them to conquer each stage - if they die though, they're lost forever (well, sort of)!
  • 88 different levels! Explore Dr. H8's lair across four worlds, avoiding all manner of deadly obstacles and evil hero-crushing enemies.
  • 88 seconds per level! The clock's already ticking; can you make it to Dr. H8's penthouse in his orbiting space station before the 88-minute Doomsday timer runs out?!
  • Endless replay value! Heroes change order every time you play to keep things interesting, and you can try to save the day with your favourite eight heroes or even just one. Good luck!
Check out trailer.

The game can be purchased from Steam, Humble Store or GOG.


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