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Multiple Developers Come Forward To Continue Unity Development

If you haven't heard already, Canonical has decided to end Unity development. Ubuntu 18.04 will ship with GNOME desktop.

This event has triggered massive reactions in Linux community and many users are sad to see Unity going away.

However, there is some good news, multiple developers have shown interest in continuing Unity development.

Marius Gripsgård from UBports has shown his willingness to continue Ubuntu Touch and Unity 8 development.

I'm not giving up! I will do my best to keep Ubuntu touch and Unity8 standing on both it's legs! It will be hard. The Ubuntu touch wheel is still spinning, and it has enough momentum to spin until we start spinning it with hopefully with greater force. Expect some news and idea drafts from the Ubports team in the coming weeks.
Another developer who has contributed to Unity in past, wants to add some features like simpler dash menu, extension support and improved dock customisation. He/she wants to stay anonymous now and will make an announcement in due course.

Unity 8 has also been forked on GitHub, hopefully we will see some progress there in few days.


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